Social Responsibility

We believe that being a social conscience business is not about the amount of cost involved, rather the amount of care. Our goal is to create positive societal and community impact with thoughtful actions that touch people’s lives and address greater needs. We work to effect change with one contribution at a time either through our own philanthropic causes or by working together with like-minded people and initiatives. To that end, we engage in several on-going charitable initiatives with which we hope to do our share in creating a better world.

One of our most important initiatives in this context is to encourage our employees to make positive social changes. A variety of activities have been organized to raise awareness of a range of issues, including the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, Takween Art Exhibition and celebrating Eid with children with cancer at King Fahd National Center for Children in Riyadh.

As we continue in our efforts, we stress on the need to combine all efforts between the private and public sectors to serve the overall human welfare.