Saudi Post and CCC inaugurate Saudi Post’s Customer Call Center

Saudi Post Corporation and Contact Center Company have inaugurated Saudi Post’s Customer Call Center on Sunday dated Rabea II 17, 1438H corresponding to January 15, 2017 in the presence of HE Dr. Usamah bin Mohammed Saleh Altaf, Designated President of Saudi Post Corporation, and Mr. Abdullah bin Ali Al Zahrani, CEO of CCC, on the sideline of signing a Memorandum of Understanding as part of the joint cooperation between the distinguished Saudi Post Corporation, which represents the cornerstone in postal industry and advanced postal services provision, and Contact Center Company, the pioneer company in the field of customers experience management in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region.

The inauguration of Saudi Post’s Customers Call Center is a result of the ambitious plans of Saudi Post Corporation to enrich and deepen the customers experience based on the world class experience of Contact Center Company which applies the state of the art standards in quality and performance.

Thereinafter, the delegation of Saudi Post Corporation has visited the center and met the center’s male and female workers. During the visit, HE Dr. Usamah Altaf has asserted the importance of customer service and call center’s staff to reinforce the customer experience, ensure the service quality and enable the customers to have the required information. In addition, HE Dr. Usamah Altaf has asserted that this step will achieve a turnaround in the customers service field which complies with the transformation phase of working on commercial basics and fundamentals and improvement of the quality of services provided by Saudi Post Corporation. Further, HE Dr. Usamah Altaf has reviewed the applicable quality standards which include supporting customer service representatives with the required information for all services and service quality control as well as ensuring the speed and competency of replies to the customers and serving them as required.

Mr. Abdullah bin Ali Al Zahrani, CEO of CCC, welcomed and congratulated Saudi Post on being one of the company’s clients and said that signing this MOU with an honorable and high standing entity such as Saudi Post reflects the excellence and good reputation of CCC in the Saudi market and we will exploit all our capabilities to support national efforts and expansion plans of Saudi Post Corporation.