Our CEO’s interview with Al Dakhliyah Magazine

Mr. Abdullah Al ZahraniCEO

Contact Center Company

The Largest Middle East Company in the Field of Customer Experience Management

 Mr. Abdullah Al Zahrani, the CEO of Contact Center Company:

  • The Custodian of the Holy Mosques laid the pillars of good governance and the superiority and progress of his people in one hand, and with the other he struck terrorism and its followers everywhere.
  • (Contact Center Company) is now on the map as one of the most important and largest contact center companies in the Middle East.

The company has established a global strategic cooperation agreement between Saudi Telecom Company (STC), the tenth most expensive brand in the Middle East and the tenth largest telecommunications operator in the Middle East. (With over 160 million customers in 11 global markets), and between Aeigs International Company (a leader in customer experience, supported by a trade union with a capital of US $ 27 billion and a global presence in 10 countries).

The company has always provided the best international experience in its field with Saudi hands, which exceeded 76% of the total number of employees with more than 4000 employees of both genders. The company has been able to achieve great success in a short period of time which has contributed to improving the quality of services provided to customers in the Saudi market. Those achievements were awarded The Middle East's largest Contact Center in 2012 and the Best Environment for Women's Employment Award in 2015. CCC has also contributed to STC winning the Best Contact Center in the Globe Award in 2017.

In this interview, we highlight the company's outstanding achievements by meeting with His Excellency, Mr. Abdullah Al Zahrani, CEO of Contact Center Company.

We welcome you in this issue of the «Interior» magazine, and we would like to start from the proud occasion of the second pledge of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, may Allah protect him, what would you like to say on this occasion?

Al Zahrani: (Contact Center Company) is proud of the scale of its expansion in the past years.

We are all proud and happy in this honorable occasion, as our leader and father the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud –may Allah protect him– is a man of all phases, and Allah gave him the political and the economical wisdom which made the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia an essential pillar in the regional and international interactions, and a part in making the nation wise decisions.

Words cannot describe King Salman –may Allah protect him– who put the pillars of good governance and the superiority and progress of his people in one hand, and with the other he struck terrorism and its followers everywhere.

We ask of Allah to protect him, the crown prince and the deputy crown prince, and to perpetuate the grace of security, safety and well-being.

Can you tell us about your scientific and practical career?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak through an important media platform, the «Interior» magazine, about the achievements of the Contact Center Company and its aspirations to serve the Saudi market.

I have a bachelor's degree in marketing from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals and a range of specialized programs from universities and international organizations such as Harvard Business, University of Pennsylvania, and Northwestern University. When it comes to my career-wise I’ve graded in a number of companies, most important of which were General Electric, and STC, in which I have held several positions, to become the General Manager of the Customer Care Sector. A decision was subsequently made to appoint me CEO of the Contact Center Company.

What are the most important services offered by the Contact Center Company? And what are its most important achievements?

CCC offers a range of different services, most important of which are the Customer Experience Management through the available channels in line with the most recent international standards and contact center technologies. In addition to costs management, social media solutions and medical transcription services.

As for the achievements, we at CCC are proud of the expansion of the company's operations over the past years to be on the map of the biggest and largest contact center companies in the Middle East. Today, we have the largest headquarters in Riyadh, with a total area of ​​11000 m2 which has a capacity for 4000 employees, staffed by children's nurseries, medical clinics, a large number of training rooms, entertainment rooms and main restaurants run by a five star hotel in Riyadh. We also have a major center in Jeddah with a capacity of 1000 employees, in addition to some of the centers that are managed at the client’s premises.

Today, the company is managing the experiences of a number of distinguished clients such as Saudi Telecom, Riyadh Metro, First Bank, Samba Bank and Al Tayyar Group, In addition to singing contracts recently with Saudi Post and the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu.

Tell us about the key success factors of Contact Center Company.

On the personal level; my absolute trust in Allah and His goodness, and the satisfaction of parents, are the most important factors of my success. At the corporate level, the secret of success is always in the presence of a team that works in a team spirit to overcome all obstacles, and continuously seeks to build a comfortable working environment that motivates employees to give more and reach excellence. The incentive programs that were launched by the company earlier have a great role in raising the level of stability and increase employee productivity and motivate them to serve customers appropriately.

And there is no doubt that the company's Open Doors policy, which allows everyone to communicate despite their job titles, has had a significant impact on the success of the company.

What are the future plans of the company and how closely do they correspond to the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision?

As a Saudi company, CCC operates within a partnership system that links the public and private sectors to achieve the noble directions of our wise leadership, especially with regard to the 2030 vision of the Kingdom, which seeks to diversify sources of income and develop new economic resources and nationalize industries. To create job opportunities for Saudis by qualifying them to take leadership positions in the company. We have success stories for a large number of Saudi employees who have joined the company as Customer Experience Representatives, then reached the position of Regional Human Resources Manager, Training Manager or other positions. The company has signed a number of agreements with the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources Development Fund to motivate our Saudi employees

Al Zahrani: We employed more than 4000 employees and employee Saudization rate exceeded 76%.

to achieve career stability and build their own professional track, as more than 600 employees were trained in cooperation with the Fund. In addition, a pilot phase has been launched to support transport and children’s nurseries of the company's employees in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, and a series of initiatives that will be launched later.

In view of the company's award for the best environment for women, what do you think of the performance of Saudi women in your field of work?

Saudi Women have an important role in the development of society based on cooperation and equality, under the leadership, support and trust of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and Saudi Women has demonstrated strong presence by being a part of the Shura Council, Municipal Councils, and a number of large corporations.

All this has made us keener to involve the female component in the company's projects and directions, especially that the field of Customer Experience Management is commensurate with the nature of women. The female component has proved its ability to innovate with high performance results that are comparable to our male centers and often excel. Today, we have a separate female center that is run by female staff with more than 1000 female employees, and we seek to expand the employment of women in the coming years.

How do you evaluate the competition in the Saudi market in terms of customer service?

Customer Experience Management is a modern global industry in its own. Today, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are seeking to be the pioneers in this field in the region. The competition is healthy and is required in all business activities and industries. What is important for us as customer experience providers is providing the citizens with the fitting means as they are the important part of this process.

This field, as in all fields, is not free of challenges and obstacles that we seek to overcome through partnership between the private and public sectors. The Customer Experience Management field suffers from the lack of concern of some corporations to nationalize this industry, as their centers are outsourced to companies outside of Saudi Arabia, depriving Saudi youth of significant job opportunities and contributing to reducing the level of services offered to the clients.