In today’s fast-moving world, staying ahead of the curve and competition means having easy access to the right information and the right people – factors that can better business decisions and responses. At CCC, we commit our time and resources to problem solve and brand build –across industries.


The telecom sector has expanded exponentially in the last few years giving rise to new growth opportunities. However, businesses also have critical trends to contend with: the surge of mobile money, the increased need for privacy and security, pricing pressures, service innovation, and requirements for business models to transform rapidly. Whether you are looking to gain new market share or cost and operational efficiencies, we help you gain the leading edge with our contextual insights, collaborative platforms, and tech-savvy solutions.


Urbanization, digitization, migrating populations, climate change, global economies at play are some of the long-ranging shifts that have created an unpredictable world in which the policy-makers have to function; and drive regional, national, and global transformations. We understand the issues at hand reshaping the government today and thus offer our proven team and high-quality service to provide sustainable, result-oriented solutions. Further, we combine our local knowledge with our international experience and lend actionable insights for overall progress.


As people grew connected and societies networked, as driven by digital technology, a new age of “retail everywhere” emerged. While consumer expectations are constantly evolving, they demand superior experience with their choice of speed, location and time. We help brands stay customer focused and change-ready by providing seamless experiences across omni-channels. Further, we utilize our technologies to anticipate industry and consumer preferences and provide contextual insights for businesses to stay relevant, highly responsive, and win loyalty.


The digital revolution has made technology a rapidly evolving field. Users expect better products and services at lesser costs and faster timelines. Businesses have to consider unconventional and innovative ways to meet the rising demands of the savvy consumer. We strive to develop ingenious and inventive approaches to provide new levels of value and support for product, process, or experience innovation, continuously.


Digital disruption has necessitated the revamping of traditional business models and experiences in this already high pressure sector. While there is immense opportunity to redefine services by combining ‘people’ and ‘technology’ to drive transformation, it is also a challenge. Building strong systems while also keeping customers close is critical to thrive in this dynamic domain. We help businesses capitalize on digital openings, improve cost and process efficiencies, while also keeping track of key performance indicators.


While the healthcare sector has been growing at a brisk pace, there is also an increasing demand for cost-effective, high-value products and services. With advancing innovation, increased patient awareness, and associated cost margins, healthcare providers have to put the patient in the center and create collaborative business approaches to make a difference. We help businesses make health care more feasible, flexible and affordable. We support healthcare companies with smarter operations, better customer experiences, and insights-driven decisions –across the ecosystem.


In this sector, consumers expect exceptional service at every touch point – convenience of booking, ease of transactions, guest relation management, front desk service, privileges provided, and more. Since this is a highly-competitive industry where every brand strives to make their own memorable, the business that truly makes a difference in providing unparalleled experiences stays ahead. Our approaches help deliver consistent and intuitive customer experiences; and also enhance operational efficiencies for businesses.


E-commerce continues to grow with high velocity, but it has become a market for large and small brands creating fierce competition. In this scenario, customers are harder to retain and finicky about experiences and prices. Companies will have to focus on real-time customization, predictive analytics, and smooth experiences across multiple devices and channels. We assist businesses to improve real-time customer service and engagements, automate processing systems, and maintain personalization with tech enabled people profiling.