Digital & Social Media

The digital economy has initiated a new way of conducting business and a new wave of consumerism. Being a digital business is not about the rapid adoption of new technologies, rather the right adoption of it. Businesses need to evolve by creating value with the right blend of the existing physical world and the virtual one they plan to build – all with a primary focus on customer satisfaction which is still the lever to success. Our technology enabled solutions help strengthen businesses’ digital capabilities while also harmonizing them with offline operations so as to drive growth and seamless customer experiences. Our digital drivers consist of:

Digital Solution

It is a customizable, customer-centric digital E-care solution that is built on the framework: Listen-Interact-Socialize-Adapt. With this, we enable businesses to grasp the true voice of the customer, conduct timely interactions, and build loyalty via intuitive real-time insights – all across omni-channels. We assist businesses to redefine their social and digital strategies, and redesign their customer experiences based on our 360-degree actionable acumen. Additionally, it is backed by proprietary Technology-Analytics-Execution-Domain expertise which helps optimally organize customer-company journeys. Overall, the results are informed employees, improved communications, customer service excellence, and brand innovation.

Digital Insights

Our experience enhancing digital sub-solution which helps businesses to intelligently rate-analyze-converse-target customers in real-time for real results. This interactive, intuitive ‘sentimeter’ is designed to manage and measure real-time consumer perceptions via context-rich structured conversations. That means faster fixes and faster time-to-market which leads to refined customer-company experiences at every touch-point; at every stage. It delivers actionable insights from regular employees all the way to the CEO and this enables profitable relationships across the board.

Digital Analytics

Analytics is a powerful tool when used in the right manner with the right partner. In a data cluttered digital environment, businesses need the right metrics and methods at the right time. We help track and analyze customers’ digital journey – across online and offline channels – to garner understanding of behaviours, expectations, patterns, and perspectives for your business. These insights, supported with our tailored road-maps, can enable fact-based decisions and personalized engagements. Further, we also provide comparative benchmarks about competitors and advice on adjustments for top performance. CCC also provides Social customer care, Presence Management, Community moderation services, Customer advocacy and Portal moderation support.