Our Culture

At CCC, we cultivate an inclusive work environment – where our people can feel motivated, confident, focused, and appreciated – so that it results in high-caliber performances. We also promote a diverse mix of ages, ethnicities, genders and expressions – all of which comes together with the unifier of a shared passion for excellence. Additionally, we also support a learning-friendly culture, empowering our employees for higher all-round achievement.

In order to keep our industrious workforce consistently dynamic and effective, we uphold our HR vision –

“Create a Progressive workplace that enables Partnership for Prosperity.”

We create a progressive workplace through

Valuable Training Programs tailored to the employee level of experience.
Open Door Policy.
Hands-on mentorship/coaching.
Online Grievance Handling Process.

We enable partnership for prosperity through

Driven performance by the employees.
Reward & Recognition Programs.
Annual Increment and Monthly incentives.

Our Quality Policy

CCC has a four-fold approach to upkeep quality and drive continuous improvement and consistency across our operations and outcomes.

Here is how we equip our employees with our Quality Framework:

Improve Organizational Culture

  • Positive working environment
  • Total involvement of people at all levels
  • Higher motivation level

Change in Attitude

  • Developing the culture of "I care"
  • Continuous improvement in quality of work through dedication and applying new thoughts

Team Spirit

  • Individual Vs Team - "I could not do but we did it"
  • Eliminate inter departmental conflicts

Self Development

  • Bring out 'Hidden Potential' of people
  • People get to learn additional skills