Contact Center Company (CCC) – a leading customer experience management company - is a great place to begin or build careers as our employees get to work with outstanding brands and people. As our business continues to grow, we seek people who will grow with us and thus offer transformative employment opportunities. We are considered as one of the largest employers in the region. We hire, train, and develop our employees’ skills and knowledge enabling each and every one to achieve a better future – for themselves and for us. Additionally, we have also been recognized as the Most Women-Friendly Employer during the year of 2015; it is an accolade we still commit to.

Be a part of an inclusive, diverse, and leading company. Join the CCC journey.

5 great reasons to work with us

Top-notch opportunities

New experiences everyday

Collaborative and creative teams

Grow by learning

Good appreciation for good work

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We, at CCC, focus on creating an employment pull for all prospective candidates and select the best resources who have an affinity for generating enhanced customer experiences. It is about bringing your best to work with the best.

What we offer:

We provide a progressive work environment where we help you build skills and gain relevant experiences through our global exposure and on-the-job training. We are an equal opportunity employer who encourages our people to shape their own success while driving ours.

What we expect:

While we embrace originality and urge people to bring their passion, we also expect that it can be aligned with our core values and goals. We look for hard-workers who can respect the job and their co-workers while also taking responsibility for collective results.

We embrace ideas, create possibilities and strive together for business and personal milestones. To the end, we work towards:

Work-life balance

We understand that the job can be demanding and so we strive to provide for a rich quality of both work and life.

Growth mind-sets

We nurture our teams to explore new horizons for their own and the company’s future.

Consumer and customer focus

We adhere to a people-approach to business and ensure that their purpose comes first.

Building talent and teams

We foster team relationships and skill development to enable work harmony and efficiency.

Accountability and responsibility

We appreciate self-starters who can take the lead and work in a fair, open and transparent manner.

Fostering fun

While we take our work very seriously, we also make time for employees to be happy and enjoy.

Additional Advantages

A career at CCC means life-long benefits. We consider our responsibility to our employees to be more than salaries and compensation. We thus offer a huge list of special discounts for life and lifestyle options. We also provide great gift vouchers to celebrate marriage and the arrival of a new baby. Furthermore, we offer monthly and yearly incentives to motivate growth prospects.

We believe investing in our people is what builds a world class organization. To that end, we drive morale with our employee engagement programs. We conduct the Mawhiba ‘talent’ program to tap into each individual’s unique skill-set. We also organize multiple gatherings and outings to ensure that our employees are professionally and personally connected. Another activity is VOE –Voice of the Employee – which gives individuals the opportunity to express their thoughts, suggestions and ambitions. Additionally, we also offer a great incentive where our employees have the chance to have a lunch meet with the CEO and top management.

Our aim is to create a thriving work culture where each person experiences the joy of working with interest and innovation.

Our Global Value for Employees

Rewards and Recognition

  • Performance-based / year-long incentive program across all levels in the organization
  • Seasonal rewards programs to recognize outstanding performance with financial and non-financial rewards
  • Year-long employee referral program
  • Rewards and recognition programs to increase employee engagement

Employee Engagement

  • Internal Employee communication forums, town halls and focus group discussion
  • Agent-facing feedback portal (The Voice)
  • Annual employee satisfaction survey which results in timely resolution of reasonable employee concerns
  • Festive & family based celebrations
  • Dedicated email ID created for suggestions & complaints

People Development and Career Planning

  • Internal employee communication forums, town halls and focus group discussion
  • ACE - Achieving Continuous Excellence
  • Voluntary internship program
  • Organization development initiatives: I-Win
  • Cultural affinity session

Employee Benefits

  • Comprehensive health package (Medical, Dental, Vision, HSA, Short and long terms disability)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Dynamic culture
  • Maternal and Paternal leave policy
  • Unyielding integrity and well-designed code of conduct
  • In-house travel assistance department