Anything that carries a brand name, carries the identity of the business. It is essential to sustain a distinguishable identity which asserts the brand image. These guidelines will consistently maintain the brand discipline for anyone who interacts with the brand in any way.

The Brand Story

The changes that have swept across the world have ushered in an era of possibilities. We, at CCC, believe that it is a time to build beyond boundaries. To pursue new potential. To make and take opportunities. To lead without limits. All of which is done by still keeping customers and clients at the forefront.

Our new avatar utilizes the power of our capabilities to deliver infinite experiences that help clients succeed. With every interaction and at every touch-point. We work to craft innumerable connections and collaborations with endless energy, innovation and agility. So as to make a difference with every moment and truly shape customer-company journeys. We are simple yet scalable. Diligent yet dynamic. Grounded yet growing. We are a synergy of cultures, ideas and solutions interconnected to forge forward looking movements for the future.

The Brand Identity

All of this is symbolized by our new visual identity. The CCC logo is a vibrant signature that stands for seamless flow, adaptability and the perennial relationships we foster with our clients through services that are ever evolving. The form is derived from the fusion of the infinity symbol and the triple letters of C which are placed adjacent to each other in a link that connotes the strength of bonds. Its styling translates the sense of fluidity, friendliness, youthfulness and contemporariness which forms the essence of our business character. The colors of our brand mark represent our personality of verve, vibrancy and vitality. The simplicity and elegance of the logo encapsulates the manner in which we strive to think and work. Our logo has the energy for forward momentum like a new wave which signals our belief in the fact that we can drive toward a brighter future – collectively.

Brand Toolkit


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call center services - ccc